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Respond to an Emergency Service Calls to Deal with Network, Internet Access, Printing etc. Within an Hour

Whether you are looking to network 2 computers and share a printer or starting a mid-size company project, we can take care of your needs. We can troubleshoot network performance, so well not to recommend inexpensive server solution for example. We will study your budget and your future plans then advise you with a setup that will give the maximum return on your investment.
As information becoming more valuable, we can recommend backup strategies and virus protection suits that can be affordable and practical. Web filtering and network security can be implemented in a simple way allowing administrators to manage the network with ease.

Remote Administration

If your company requires remote access to your network, we can help you with software or hardware solution that would provide top security standards. We can also provide remote assistance within 10 minutes. For example, if you have a problem with a PC or a server, call us and we will setup the software and troubleshoot the problem from our office; saving you time. Powered by Turbo Meeting.
If you need to setup a camera security system for your business or store, we have a low budget solution that includes DVR server and infrared cameras with the option to remotely view the video anywhere in the world.

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